Having a good education is important in my life. I got married when I was very young, just 15 years old, so I did not have the opportunity to complete my education. For me, it is very important to have an education. I came here because this was where the educational program that I wanted to study was located. Since I have not been in school such a long time I thought that it would be difficult to resume my studies, but they have taken very good care of me here.

Now I work as a teacher at the school. I feel proud about everything I have learned and that I have succeeded in life. Today, I’m happier than before, mainly because I have two wonderful children. Two teenagers: a boy and a girl. I really like my work as a teacher at the school and I feel respected. At the school I work in, there are many children and I have good contact with all of them.

I want to educate myself even more in order to help more people. Here in Tamilnadu there are ample opportunities to educate myself more, but also opportunities that I can create for myself. It is up to me.

There are more opportunities now than there were before. I have learned a lot already, and I am learning new things every day, for example, handicrafts. Right now I’m learning painting and woodcarving.

And I have also learned to use the Internet! First I had to learn how a computer works and now I can use it in my everyday life.

I can now have control over my husband (she laughs out loud ) because he says: “Now you are well educated and probably better than me, so what you say must be right” (she laughs again).