The most important things in my life are my parents and my job. My parents have had many problems with me and in helping me with my studies. And my job is also important in my life. I was not expecting that I’d be able to get a job.

I heard about how important it is to have a vocational education so I went to the Peace Industrial School.

The courses were very useful in enabling me to develop my areas of interests.

I got a lot of knowledge here and have more self-confidence than before. I was very happy during the time I was in the program and I have been successful. Now I am looking forward to learning more about my job and continuing towards a better position.

I am sure that my future looks bright because I have a good job now and can improve the financial status of my family. This makes me very happy.

Tamilnadu and all of India will certainly develop in the future and I feel that I now have the skills to be involved and make a change. I will definitely be part of the development of my family and my village. No matter what I do, I discuss it first with my parents, and then I make my own decision.