Development is really important. We must learn more and also help other people to learn more. I come from a poor background, and when I came here to the Peace Industrial School, I felt very welcome, so now I feel that I want to help more people.

Before I came to school I was desperate and ran around trying to find a good job.

But after I had been at school for a while, it gave me a lot of self-confidence, so now I have started my own business.

I have 15 men and women who work with me so now I can give support and assistance to other people by paying them a salary. This makes me very happy. I have a tailoring company. I not only give my employees a job, I have also put them in a training program. I usually take untrained girls, give them three months of training and then employ them in my business. I’m not trying to compete with the Peace Industrial School (she laughs out loud).

I earn money for myself and I also help other people to earn money. It makes me very happy to be able to help other people and make their lives happier.

Previously in my life, it was my family who made decisions for me, but now I make my own decisions. I am convinced that I now have an opportunity to make a change in our society.